Why I Started FOFFit

I created FOFFit in 2017 as a way to fuel my love of adventure travel and continue to share this passion with my family.

But with a young family of four, the cost of traveling has became more and more expensive. Not wanting to slow down, I thought about options such as AirBnB and VRBO as a means to supplement these trips by renting out our home. However, along with middle age, also came a home stocked with family heirlooms and memorabilia. I just wasn’t comfortable renting out our home to people I didn’t know. And thus, the idea behind FOFFit was born. The ability to rent your home to Friends and Friends of Friends or FOFFs. People you know and trust.  A simpler and safer alternative to traditional online vacation rentals.

As a former Google employee, I understand simplicity and putting the user or “host” first. It is my desire at FOFFit to put the host in charge and make renting to your friends and friends of friends as simple and secure as possible.

It is our hope that renting (and traveling) can become accessible to everyone in a simpler, safer and stress-free environment.

Katchen Gerig

Hiking in the Swiss Alps in the town of Murren

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